could your injuries be covered under personal injury law?could your injuries be covered under personal injury law?

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could your injuries be covered under personal injury law?

Have you or someone that you love been injured by someone else? Injuries that are sustained due to someone's neglect could provide you with the means to file a personal injury lawsuit. There are so many types of personal injury lawsuits that it is quite possible that your injuries could allow you to file suit. On my site, you will find a long list of personal injury lawsuits that have been filed and won over the years. Knowing what is considered to fall under personal injury law could help you decide what course of action to take and could potentially help you cover the cost of the medical treatment needed because of the injury.

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Stereotypes Can Impact Motorcycle Injury Cases

Unfortunately, stereotypes are everywhere. Although you may expect otherwise, negative stereotypes can even make their way into your injury case after a motorcycle accident. Yes, with a skilled attorney, you can overcome these falsehoods, but it is still helpful for you to have an idea of what to expect to ensure that you are prepared. 

Assumed Risks

Although some people prefer to believe otherwise, every person that operates a vehicle on the roadway is deserving of safety and protection. The fact that you are riding a motorcycle does come along with an awareness of additional concerns, but it does not mean that you have to assume these risks. 

Unfortunately, some insurance companies will try to downplay injuries by referring to the fact that the motorcycle driver should have known what could have possibly happened if they were involved in an accident. For example, in some states, it is not legally required to wear a helmet. If the state law does not require this gear, and a rider sustains a head injury, they are not at fault and responsible for the injury. 

Particularly, in the event of a claim that involves a jury decision, an attorney will argue to show the jury that you deserved to be protected from negligent drivers while safely operating your motorcycle. An attorney will work to ensure the negligent driver is held liable. 

Reckless Drivers

Some people view motorcycle riders as people that like to take risks. For example, some people may view them as reckless drivers that engage in all sorts of dangerous behaviors ranging from speeding to swerving in and out of lanes. 

The unfortunate fact is that this information is not true, but yet, insurance companies may try to rely on these falsehoods to reduce the value of a claim. For instance, the insurance company might make mention of the speed capability of the motorcycle and try to imply the driver may have been driving fast and caused the accident.

Having an attorney on your side who can properly research the incident can help prove that you were not speeding, you were not driving recklessly, and instead, the other vehicle is at fault. As a result, any attempt to lower the value of your claim will be eliminated. 

Remember, the help that an attorney provides you during your motorcycle injury claim is invaluable. Do not let a stereotype affect your injury claim. Let an attorney work on your behalf to ensure you are protected. Find a motorcycle accident attorney near you today.